Monday, January 04, 2010

Rome in December

This guy is my favourite Roman street musician. It seems to embody all the weirdness that is Rome to have a Vietnamese guy playing American pop tunes on the accordion on the Ponte Sisto, one of the oldest bridges over the Tiber.

And he really grooves. The day I took this picture, which was I think December 5th, he was playing the love theme from Titanic. The Ponte Sisto leads right onto the street where the parish is, so many's the time when I have come into the church humming the Simon and Garfunkle tune this guy was playing.

Beautiful day in Rome. This picture makes it look a lot more peaceful than it is.

Random bits of priceless art: 15th century triptych at Santa Barbara, an otherwise criminally novusordoed church down the lane from us.

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