Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have to admit, I felt a faint twinge of my ancient nun-longing while in Washington.

At the place where all the groups had set up their displays, these sisters,

were parked right next to us. They're the real thing and helped direct me to Old St. Mary's for Mass on the morning of the march. The real thing.

I must be a pretty Bad Rad Trad though, the kind Shea really hates, because even though there were hundreds of nuns in evidence, it was only the ones with full gear that gave me the old nun-thrill. The Neo-con nuns in the nice habits that leave a little tuft of hair sticking out the top (as a nod to NewChurch?) left me flat. (Why do these groups think anyone wants to see a nun's hair, anyway? It's one of those little Novusordoland puzzles.)

Still, not to worry. All the good ones, the ones I would be interested in, wouldn't touch me with a 20 foot cattle prod, and at my age any nun group that would consider me is one I would recommend steering well clear of.

Some time I will tell you my theory on the Taxonomy of Nuns.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't mind the neo-con nuns with the tufts of hair, but even I think that nothing beats the real thing. Who wouldn't get a nun-thrill looking at those two?

Tom Ryan said...

And both beat the heck out of nuns in pants:

Matthew said...

Hey Hilary,

It seems as though the email you provide on the left side of you page isn't working. Either that or I'm retarded. I was wondering if you have an email I can contact you at, regarding some questions about Rome.

From a fellow homophobic, puppy-kicking, incandescent fireball, English, Catholic, conservative and not at all sorry, Canadian,

Matthew W.

HJW said...

Try again Matt. It works fine for all the people who send me emails there every day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please. We want the Nun Taxonomy.

IBU2 said...

These aren't real nuns they are Jansenists working for Fr. Feeney in Massachusetts. They look nice at the parade though.