Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Open the pod bay doors, please Hal..."

"I'm sorry Hilary, I can't do that...Maybe you would like to play a game of chess? I play very well."

Yep, still having fun with the new hardware.

Still exhausted from the WORST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

Broke my glasses and almost lost the new computer after I was re-routed through North Carolina and London, adding an extra seven glorious hours of travel time.

Why? Was it another EIGHT HOUR security lockdown at JFK? Did some six-year-old wander through the wrong door again?

No no silly, that was Saturday. On Sunday it was just snow.

Got home at nine pm Rome time Monday, after starting out at 2:30 pm Sunday, Washington time. Spent a lot of time on the trans-Atlantic flight trying to work out

a) what day it was

b) whether I was going to have been awake for more than 24 hours by the time I got to Heathrow

c) whether I ought to just give up in London, take a taxi to Euston station and get the train going as far north into the wilds of Scotland as the line would take me and then find a cave or a stone hut in which to live out the rest of my natural life doing penance for my sins.

Did I mention I broke my glasses?

Broke them.

My glasses.

Perhaps you're not paying attention.

I said, I broke MY GLASSES.

I hate the world and hope it dies soon and horribly.


Anonymous said...

NEVER travel through JFK. They specialise in bad travel experiences.

Bearess said...

But you got a great haircut while you were in the states! Too bad you can't see it now . . .

BillyHW said...

This is why I read your blog every day.


Gregory said...

Viva la vida! And thanks for the post about me and my mom, Hilary. Hope you recover in time to do something fun for carnival!

df said...

Oh Hilary - what a crazy life you lead!

Kathleen said...

Oh, man, breaking glasses is really a gigantic pain! Hope either that you are not too blind or that you had a backup pair with you....? (I can't see past my nose without glasses)

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thanks William. Hi Greg. and DF: yes, but not as weird as yourn.

Nice to be back in my cosy bloggy comfort zone with all my nice friends tuning in to my daily cleverness. I'm happy to see that we're down to about 150 readers a day. Got rid of all those drossy people we had to be polite to. Now they've gone we can get back to talking about things we really think.


D Cummings McLean said...

If you even need a Scottish cave again, we could find you one. We have a ruined hermitage, too.

HJW said...


why does your linked name open the home page of the Toronto Catholic Register?

BillyHW said...

Oooooh, someone's in trouble I think.

DCummingsMcLean said...

Ha! Because I write for it.

Really, it's okay. We're huggy people.