Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"There was a blackmail come from who knows where, through SWIFT, exercised on Benedict XVI."

This is starting to not be funny anymore.

Ratzinger non poté “né vendere né comprare”
Ratzinger he could "neither sell nor buy"
Maurizio Blondet

Roughly translated by Google:

"Few know what SWIFT (the acronym stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is: in theory, is a global "clearing house", uniting 10,500 banks in 215 countries. In fact, is the most occult and sole center of American-globalist financial power, a bastion of blackmail on which the hegemony of the dollar, the most powerful means of political and economic espionage (to the detriment especially for us Europeans) and the means by which the most feared global finance breaks the legs of states that do not obey. …


"'When a bank or territory is excluded from the system, as it did in the case of the Vatican in the days before the resignation of Benedict XVI in February 2013, all transactions are blocked. Without waiting for the election of Pope Bergoglio, the Swift system has been unlocked the announcement of the resignation of Benedict XVI.

"'There was a blackmail come from who knows where, through SWIFT, exercised on Benedict XVI. The underlying reasons for this story have not been clarified, but it is clear that SWIFT has intervened directly in the management of affairs of the Church.'

"This explains and justifies the unprecedented resignation of Ratzinger, that many of us have been able to exchange for an act of cowardice; the Church was treated as a state 'terrorist', but worse — because note that the dozen banks falling into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 'are not excluded from SWIFT' and continue to be able to make international transactions — and the Vatican finances could no longer pay the nunciature, to convey transport missions — in fact, the same ATM of Vatican City had been blocked.

The Church of Benedict could not 'neither sell nor buy'; its own economic life was counted in hours."



thetimman said...

You're right. That isn't funny. C.f. Apoc. 13:17

The Church can buy and sell now, though...

Lynne said...

This alleged money-laundering problem with the Vatican Bank was known/publicized in 2013.

I apologize for the hysterical source (it's the Daily Kos) but it's all I could find right now...

Daily Kos article.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

This is only the first flare. I expect that once it leaks over into the English news it will grow long legs.

Timothy O'Keefe said...

There is just so much talk - so many scandalous claims - swirling around Francis and Benedict. It's hard to know who and what to believe. I wish Benedict would do a tell-all interview so the Church could get to the bottom of things and move on.

Pete said...

Always the Vatican banks! Not to get too conspiracy-theorist but I saw a book at a used book store, the thesis of which was that JP1 was killed b/c he was going to do something about the banks. That didn't make some Argentinian bankers happy. I have no idea what is true.

It looks like a few books are out on the topic. This was an old book I saw, probably written in late 70s early 80s.

Anonymous said...

So we have the Great Reformer, Cardinal Daneels biography and an excerpt from a National Geographic article to indicate that Francis knew he would become pope..."To Wals, his former press aide, Bergoglio’s careful entry into the papacy is completely unsurprising. Indeed, it was foreshadowed by the manner in which he vacated his previous office. Realizing there was a chance the conclave would elect him—after all, he had been the runner-up to Ratzinger after John Paul II’s death in 2005—the archbishop left for Rome in March 2013, says Wals, “with all letters finished, the money in order, everything in perfect shape. And that night before he departed, he called just to go over all the office details with me, and also to give me advice about my future, like someone who knew that maybe he would be leaving for good.” http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/08/vatican/draper-text

Timothy O'Keefe said...

So much for the Holy Spirit. Sounds like a pre-arranged conclave to me.

Dymphna said...

The holy spirit doesn't pick the pope. It's a cannonical election. Nobody should be surprised. Something was wrong from the start. Weird things kept happeneing to Benedict. God help us when Francis goes. Who knows what they have waiting in the wings.

Steve T. said...

I've worked with the electronic format SWIFT publishes to enable international financial transactions. They are that powerful.

BillyHW said...

Only a retard ignorant of history could believe the Holy Spirit picks the pope.

Dolorosa said...

There has been a lot of discussion on BXVI still being the Pope but isn't the bottom line that None but the Church, a future Pope, or a future council have either the competence or the authority to declare Francis a non or anti-pope.

Dymphna said...

Somebody and I can't remember who said on his blog, that we've got to stop looking for an escape clause from Francis. He's a bad pope and it looks like he got elected in a funky way but that just excommunicates the plotters. He still got elected and we stuck with him.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

"None but the Church, a future Pope, or a future council have either the competence or the authority to declare Francis a non or anti-pope."


In the meantime, we all just get to strap in and hope the ride doesn't throw us off.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

In 1890, addressing the Jewish problem in Europe, the Jebbies were aware that Italy was under their usurious sway and so ABS has often wondered if Rostra Aetate and the new Ecumenism was the price we paid to remain in "business.'

Italy in Usury's Noose

We could also cite the example of the Balkans, especially that of Romania, upon which the 1878 Congress of Berlin, dominated by hidden Jewish power, imposed the obligation of equalizing the Hebrews in all respects to their fellow countrymen and fellow citizens; and at present, they are undisturbedly devouring this kingdom like insatiable grasshoppers. We could cite Russia, where the land owned by the nobility is more than two-thirds mortgaged to German bankers, who are mostly Jews, and where, day by day, the land of the farmers is falling more into the hands of the Kulaks, that is, of the usurers. But let us cast a glance at our Italy, where for thirty years Judaism lords it and plunders, just as if Italians were its loot conquered from enemies.

The approximately fifty thousand Jews who make themselves at home on the Peninsula have their headquarters there in Venice, in the territory of Mantua, in the ancient Extended States, and in the territory of Ferrara. In this region, which can be called the Italian Judea, they are the superintendents in all things and over all things. There is almost not a single lira spent without their approval. Retail trade, industry, currency exchange, wholesale, rural and urban real estate depend on them. Suffice it to say that four-fifths of the provincial territory of Padua is owned by the Hebrews and that, with the mortgage in their hand, they control disposal of the remaining fifth. Ancona, Livorno and Florence live under the usurious yoke of the Israelites. Some of these already look forward to the day when the most sumptuous villas, the biggest land holdings and the most famous patrician palaces will come under their ownership, in order to serve as collateral for the loans granted by them to the careless or silly owners who are unable to free themselves from them. Two years ago one of these Hebrews who perhaps not long ago had lived from hand to mouth selling matches in the Florentine promenades of the Arno river, died leaving to his sons the trifle of 18 million in cash, amassed as God only knows.
We prefer to say nothing of Rome. More than by the Italian bayonets, it is seized by the nooses of the great Jewish net, which detains all sorts of little and big fish therein; these nevertheless remain swallowed up in a succession of troubles, weeping, and misery, moving one to pity. Usury, which in this capitol is practised by Judaism far more than by Italians, reigns supreme there, and along with usury pompously go arm-in-arm fraud, graft, and plunder. And whoever would penetrate into the mysteries of that pell-mell formed by the public works, the public monopolies and the various companies that serve the state, would see with horror the millions being swallowed up with that same impudence with which the Grand Master of Italian Masonry, through the public tobacco supply, has earned his merits. In August 1887 a Jew wrote these noteworthy words from Rome to a German Jewish newspaper:
The honorable Francesco Crispi [a 33rd degree Mason and Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient] is the best friend of the Hebrews and protects their interests with all his soul. In this way, we Jews have a great influence in the government in Italy; this gives us much pleasure, because we may hope to make good profits and to enjoy the fruit of our labor, without being bothered.22


That was in 1890 and the control of money has only increased for the Messias-Deniers

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Nostra Aetate, not Rostra Aetate

binks webelf said...


This is OLD news. When Benedict resigned many stories about this issue.

"Last month, Italy barred its own banks from doing business in the Holy See, citing a lack of transparency by the city-state’s financial apparatus that has routinely declined to release data on accounts held there by church bodies, clergy, foreign embassies and lay entities related to the Vatican. The move cut off credit card processing at Vatican commercial sites including the Sistine Chapel, effectively forcing them to go cash-only. This week, plastic was finally welcomed again in Vatican City, but only after church authorities cut a deal with a Swiss firm that is not subject to European Union banking laws...On Friday, the pope backed a decision by a commission of cardinals to name Ernst von Freyberg to head the Vatican Bank. The German-born lawyer and member of the ancient Knights of Malta was selected, the Vatican said, because of “his vast experience.” However, Italian commentators were quick to question why the choice was not left to the incoming pope.

“It seems like an attempt to force the situation, not to leave the new pope an option,” said Massimo Franco, author of “The Crisis of the Vatican Empire” and a columnist at Corriere della Sera. “I find it quite strange that this is the last major act of the pope.” [benedict announced resignation 2/11 - article pub 2/15]

But the “Vatileaks” letters suggested strong resistance from Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone and his allies. They appeared to water down Benedict’s watchdog agency and slowed the transparency process. Last year, the Council of Europe noted that the Vatican had “come a long way in a short period of time.” But it also called the Vatican’s watchdog powerless to sanction the Vatican bank. Just last month, credit card transactions were frozen in Vatican museums because of outside concerns over inadequate money-laundering controls.

An Italian government official with close ties to the Vatican said that a prominent cardinal said to him of the Vatican’s flirtation with transparency, “We shouldn’t have done it, because it’s like opening up Pandora’s box.”

To boost its transparency efforts, the Vatican brought in Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a conservative Catholic and well-known banker. But Gotti Tedeschi did not do well under Bertone and was ultimately mocked by Bertone’s associates, who described him as a man whose days as bank president were numbered, according to one witness.




Of course there were also reports that it was due to a sodomite network. Wonder why the money angle is resurfacing now as VC2 gets ready to declare sodomy a virtue.

John Laws said...

Louie Verrecchio has fingered Ronaldo Hermann Schmitz, a former Deutsche Bank Executive Director, in the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI:
The Schmitz family is not your ordinary banking family. I've put together a file on the Schmitz's here:
How deep does this rathole go?

Ông Mỹ said...

I hope the Vatican, is exploring alternatives to SWIFT. China and Iran are wor
king at least some outside of SWIFT, I believe.

joannis said...

UDG, the conclave canons passed by St John Paul II do not state that only the electors are excommunicate, but the antipope as well is PRESENTLY excommunicate. That's the canonical truth. Bergoglio is not Pope. So the only legitimate question remaining is, "Who is?" Either Benedict resigned legitimately OR he was blackmailed. IF he was blackmailed, then he is STILL the reigning Pope, no matter how many say that Francis is. We have, after all, Cardinal Daneels own testimony of the conspiracy to elect Bergoglio. So, in conclusion, Benedict is Pope, if he was blackmailed.

joannis said...

amateur brain surgeon: your comments are antisemitic and offensive, plus most of it is fiction. if jewish bankers conspired to force benedict to resign, how is it that benedict was pro-israel and francis recognized the palestine state (which isn't even a state yet!) and approved of the iran deal? these racist comments of yours should not have been published by the blog owner!

John Laws said...

SWIFT's monopoly may be coming to an end:

Robert Brown said...

I don't know about the rest of the article, but it's untrue that relations between the Vatican and the US have always been bad. They were very good under Reagan (who began diplomatic relations with the Vatican), esp, William Casey, a conservative Catholic head of the CIA

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence for this claim about the SWIFT network and what it is alleged it did regarding the Vatican? Where can this evidence be found? At least who are the witnesses? Without any of this, how can one confidently believe what is said?