Friday, January 29, 2010

The Worst Person in the World

but the Catholics in Lazio seem to just luuuuuuuurrve her.

"il Foglio" had done something else. It had sent one of its top journalists, Marianna Rizzini, to explore the dioceses of the Lazio region in order to hear what its priests and faithful think about the Bonino candidacy.

The response of the first diocese surveyed, Viterbo, was unrelenting. The title: "Grassroots Church with Emma. Survey in Viterbo. Catholic opinion firmly, sometimes fervently, in favor of the pro-abortion, pro-divorce, pro-euthanasia candidate, who has called the embryo 'an inert lump'. Objections rare, and timid."

In effect, in Marianna Rizzini's report from Viterbo, the only ones who opposed Bonino were the "missionaries" of the Movement for Life, who dedicate their lives to seeing that children are born, not aborted.

So, NewChurch, how's that whole "New Springtime" thing workin' out for ye?