Thursday, January 21, 2010


In Washington. Buying all sorts of wonderful American things at the wonderful shiny American shops. Got a bucket of Tang, a jug of ibuprophen, eight boxes of Kraft Dinner and four packets of iron-on interfacing (it's a sewing thing I can't find in's for repairing vestments...oh never mind).

Also, got my hair cut. Loyal readers will recall the near-panic I was in a few months ago when faced with the necessity of getting my hair done in an Italian hairdresser's where no one spoke English. Well, isn't it nice to be able to communicate enough to say, "Please please, don't make me look Italian".

In fact, that has been the best part. People asked me when I got here what I wanted to do, and I said, "I want to be understood by everyone I talk to, and I want to understand everything everyone else says."

It's been great.

Mmmmmm...linguistic comprehension.

I love America.

We did get to the National Gallery and I got LOTS of pics. But I'm too tired right now to put them up. There may be some time tomorrow...

but honestly, probably not.

Stay tuned.