Saturday, June 08, 2019

Egg white and cauliflower pancakes

Finally figured out what to do with the egg whites left over after making egg tempera medium.


whites of two eggs
2 cups finely grated raw cauliflower
salt n pepper
handful of almond flour, coconut flour or other keto/low carb friendly flour of your choice
oil for cooking (I've just bought a hella-spensive jar of coconut oil... not sure about it yet)


Whip egg whites to stiff peak and fold in the "dry" ingredients. Season. Heat up the oil in a pan to just under smoking-hot. Spoon the mixture into the nice silicone crumpet rings someone sent you in the post but you can't use anymore because you're not eating carbly anymore. Fry over a low heat. Remove the rings and gently flip. Toast a bit on the other side.

Top them with sliced avocado, soft goat or sheep milk ricotta, load some sauteed mushrooms on top.


The pancakes come out sort of cakey, not at all cauliflowery. They'd be fine for a sweet thing too, with a little low-carbly-approved sweetener (stevia... barf...) or stewed fruit, or tahini or something nice like that.



Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were not eating carbly any more. What ever do you eat with your tea????? Asking for a friend.

- Fr. Ambrose.

P.S. I took your advise about a garden, and it's THRIVING! I think my first strawberry will be ripe today. I have more lettuce than I can eat (I'll have to take it to the Nuns). I'll send you some photos via another medium.

Fr PJM said...

How do they compare to potato pancakes? (slathered with sour cream). Do they have sour cream in Italia?