Monday, June 17, 2019

Catch of the day

It's the time of year when we pretty much get a lizard a day.

Lizards are a specialty of my little silky black and white ninja, Bertie. But lately it's been a favourite of Pippin. I kicked him outside this morning because he was doing his usual trick of finishing his own breakfast and then shoving Henry aside to steal his. All their little lives I've had to feed Henry separately. He's so good natured he just lets himself get bullied out of his meals. Pippy's a real lovey-dove, and just the sweetest little guy, but he's an incorrigible scamp too.

I can't resist picking them up and taking a close look. In life these guys are lighting fast, and it's difficult to get a close look at their markings.

The daily lizard. It should be the name of a punk newspaper.

The terrace in June.

Snap dragons finally getting close to finished. They never died back this "winter" and were already starting to flower in February.

Still some pansies holding up.

Sweet peas finally starting to blossom. The dill are all volunteers from last year's stray seeds.

First passion flower.

If you keep them in a shady place they will flower almost to July.

Four years ago yesterday I got a call from my friend Emanuele to come down to the shop to pick them up.

A friend had come to Norcia to visit, but had picked a day when the monastery guesthouse was all full up, so Br. Ignatius called me to ask if he could camp in my living room. He had to put up with this all night.

I took this one just about a week after they arrived. I kept them in the study for a few days to let them get used to me. Bertie was the first one to claim me as his own.

Bertie and Pippin helping in the garden in Norcia.

Bertie's favourite perch in the evenings. He likes to keep an eye on things.

Henry napping yesterday afternoon.



John F. Kennedy said...

"lizard a day"? Would you like a "mouse of the day" instead?

I like the lizards. Too bad the cats catch them so easily.

Lynne said...

Sweet kitties

Anonymous said...

Can you eat them?

I mean the lizards, not the cats.

Although, cats might taste good too...