Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A house in the country

You don't have to live like they tell you.

I like Wales. It's close to the Fam.

Maybe these nice hippies in Wales wouldn't mind a little Gregorian Chant or a little chapel...

(I wonder if you can do a vaulted ceiling and pointed arches in straw bales.)

I grew some wonderful squashes this summer. And I did the same thing, go out to the patch and give it a little encouraging pat and a pep talk.

It sort of seems like Wales is a place to live if you don't want to live like they tell you.



James said...

Don’t tempt me! The last time I was on Anglesey, walking the coastal trail to the ancient monastery of St Seiriol and looking across the Menai Strait to high Snowdonia, I found it very difficult to return to Cambridge. I still dream of spending some time on Puffin Island (where he had his hermitage and where tradition holds he was buried)

Anonymous said...

My husband - a descendant of Welsh coal miners who migrated to Australia - and I have been sorely tempted to move to Wales. It's definitely on the cards...