Thursday, November 19, 2015

I have just found the perfect television show

The final television show. The ultimate fulfilment - the Thomistic perfection - of all television shows. After this, there will be no need to watch any other television show, ever again.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Hilary, everyone knows that the perfect television show was Firefly. That was the peak. After Firefly there was simply no point in watching television again." And you would be right... except for one thing. Oh come on, it's the obvious thing. 14 episodes. Ugh. Firefly was not the greatest television show of all time. It was the greatest television tease of all time. I hate Firefly for that. Hate it.

So now you're thinking, "OK, OK, maybe not Firefly then. We've all felt the pain. But what about Fringe, Hilary? What. About. Fringe?"

OK, you may have something there. Fringe, after all, had Walter Bishop, the greatest mad scientist of all time, complex relationships and parallel universes AND Buckaroo Banzai. Of course it's up there. Of course we want to buy it all on DVD. Of course we need a Fringe movie franchise. All these are a given.

But were there pies? Was the whole show all about pies and death and resurrection?

And did it have Lee Pace?

This guy? (Yes, yes I know. We all want to lynch Peter Jackson for his bloated Hobbit desecration, but seriously, who wouldn't give just about anything to meet Thranduil IRL?)

I give you... (wait for it!)

Pushing Daisies

You're welcome.



thetimman said...

You know, I was never interested in this, but I will watch it on your recommendation alone. After all, recognizing the genius of Fringe gives you lots of cred.

And thanks.

James C said...

Now that he doesn't have to sell that rubbish anymore, Peter Jackson has come clean about it:

Yes, Lee Pace was a bright spot. He also puts his fine voice to very good use in a 19th-century context as New York Mayor Fernando Wood in Spielberg's "Lincoln".

MARIA said...

Hi Hilary,

I read quite few of your pieces in the past and I found them insightful although the heavy sarcasm is a bit much at times. I cannot imagine how aweful it would be to be exposed to the rotten things you saw evidence of.

I think you are right in taking a prayerful break!

I am sheltered for now in a Western Canadian small town with nice traddy friends and very nice homeschooled children. My life is diffeerent from yours so my reaction to your writing is also due to how far removed I am from what you saw.

On a more frivolous note: I did check out the show that you recommmended called Pushing Daisies. We love scifi and mysteries. But the show had too much innuendo and cleavage for our tastes in the first two shows. Does that junk ease up further into the series or did you just ignore it?