Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Head for the hills!

I can't believe I stayed up til three am watching a guy go camping.

I've started watching "bushcrafting" videos. How to start fires in the rain with just a stick and no matches, how to catch fish with yer bare manly hands and whatnot. They're really great. Surprisingly relaxing.

This one that I watched last night was in equal parts peaceful and fascinating, and really had surprisingly beautiful photography for a home-vid kind of thing, and decent editing. One guy showed how to make quite a nice looking basket out of wild clematis vines, and I might try it. He knew all sorts of useful things about plants too.

If some day y'all don't hear from me again, It'll most likely be because I've made myself a bullrush basket to carry the kitties in, and gone off into the woods and hills never to be seen again.



Chloe said...

Don't you dare disappear into the woods with your kitties , Hilary Jane White! We need you!

I've been doing something similar to you and now want to make birch wood pitch to paint my shed. Why use some stuff from B&Q which will last ten years when you can make stuff yourself that can last for centuries? I wish I was younger so that I could build my own house out of straw bales. You fired up the self sufficiency in me and it's got nowhere to go. However, it's great fun dreaming. Who knows? maybe one day I'll have to.

a Christopher said...

Incidentally, did any of the videos deal with dissuading wild boar from too keen an interest?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You have been missed.
God bless