Monday, October 12, 2015

You know you're a cat lady when... answer the door and it's the package guy with a box from Amazon: The Cat in Art.

It's surprisingly beautiful. Good call, DF, thank you. And the timing was perfect.


It's a little chilly in the house, but not enough to make it worth putting the heat on. So you go get a shawl to drape around yourself. Then you get too hot and take it off and toss it onto the chair. Pippin the kitty comes along and plops himself onto the scarf and immediately goes to sleep and starts looking like about the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life.

You get cold.

You go into the other room to get another scarf.



Lynne said...

Yes, I would do that too. What am I saying? I *have* done that...

Anonymous said...

Dear Cat Lady,
Here's another book recommendation for you:

Does God Ever Speak through Cats?
by David Evans.
The reviews on Amazon are quite shocking in their real life catranscendental experiences.

Rico S.

df said...

Internet shopping is such huge fun! Glad it arrived. There ought also to be some liquid accompaniment delivered today.

Ben Whitworth said...

Samuel Johnson once cut off the corner of his coat rather than disturb the cat that was asleep on it.