Sunday, October 04, 2015

Bein' bad...

Did your high school have a smoke pit?

It might be a north American institution... doomed now that nearly all public places ban smoking. When I was in high school the smoke pit was a sheltered picnic table on the school grounds where the rough kids hung out during breaks. They were the bad kids. My school was unusual, though, and had a rather high standard, with smart and talented kids applying all over the district to get in. So we were unusual in that the smoke pit kids were also mostly the straight A and honours students. It's where I learned to value the combination of smart and bad.

I didn't smoke, but the smoke pit was always the most interesting place to hang out.

I kind of think of What's Up with the Synod as the smoke pit of the Synod coverage.

Come on, hang with us... be a little bad



BillyHW said...

Your moderators there are a bunch of pansy-asses, btw.

Probably the type that pray before every single morsel of food, do the sign of the cross every time they hear a swear word, yet they all have annulments and were octonary virgins on their second wedding nights.

Paul Goings said...

I wouldn't have said pansy-asses, but it all does seem rather anodyne.

Hilary White said...


For years I was stuck with the label of the bad kid in the world of pro-life news reporting. Now I've become so tamed that I can't offend even when I want to.

Anonymous said...

You mean the SINod.

Anonymous said...

"Your moderators there are a bunch of pansy-asses, btw."

Why do you say that Billy?

Louise L