Monday, August 24, 2015

Dulce Domum

Greatest crazy-cat-lady pic evah!

That's sweet little Pippin on the back of the chair. He's a bit shy and not as quick to sit on my lap as the others. He still occasionally tries to suckle on the embroidered flowers on my cardie. He still misses his real mum. Poor little tyke.

Bertie loves to sit in my lap while I'm working - which he's doing right now - and loves his grub with special enthusiasm.

That's Big Henry under my left arm, where he loves to just barge in when he wants cuddles. Henry really does everything in a big way. When he wants to play, there's no deterring him. When he feels cuddly, you better feel like cuddling too because there's no choice. And when he purrs, which is nearly all the time, he sounds like a choir of Tibetan Lamas. For a thug with an unequalled devotion to a life of total violence, he's remarkably sweet and friendly. But he does this unutterably cute thing when he's really extra specially happy. He purrs, but intersperses his purring with little squeeks every few seconds, when he closes his eyes and turns his face up to you, as if he's saying 'Oh man, I am SO happy!'



Gerald said...

Beautifully described. I could almost see and hear them whilst reading. Could you tell us the story behind their fine names?

Lynne said...

Happy little babies.