Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tea for a broken heart

Everything is in full bloom at the moment, including all the very best medicinal and therapeutic wild herbs. I filled a small bag with Red Clover flower heads the other day. I am drying them on the window sill with some wild rose petals.

Combine the dried petals, some crushed dried rose hips and a small handful of clover flowers to make a tisane. Just a tiny half teaspoon of honey, and it will pick you up better than chamomile.


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MargoB said...

Chamomile is a pick-me-up? I'd always heard of it as a "calming, soothing, could-put-you-to-sleep" tea. Hmm.

By the way, I am really enjoying reading about your adventures plants / herbs / and painting. To my mind, you're living a life that I only wish I could indulge in -- living in Italy, able to use for fun concoctions herbs that grow in your vicinity, living near the monks of Norcia, and able to pursue something you really enjoy (art + medieval manuscript creating). You seem to be enjoying it -- and I, through your 'blog, am enjoying it virtually....which is just fine with me. Thanks for 'blogging :)