Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrity watching in Rome

So, this happened. He came to lunch with a group of friends after we'd been seated and got the table next to ours. We made a few polite noises, then left him alone. But later, the waiter realised who it was, and freaked out. Poor guy.



Mary Kay said...

Ahhh! One of my favorite Pythons! I like to think of myself as fairly circumspect, but I think I would have joined in the general meltdown had I been there! What fun!!

Gerald said...

Heh. If I were there I would've ordered fish and made sure he watched me eat it!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

In fact, I did order fish. At Trattoria Polese, I always get the grilliata mista di mare and a salad, which is the best thing they do on an excellent menu.