Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snow for Christmas

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Rome for festivities with the Rome Traddigentsia:

Christmas Eve dinner in a fancy-schmancy fish place, (because of course, Christmas Eve is a "fast day" naturally the only possible choice was lobster...)

eating, drinking, worshipping, Christmas carols and never-ending fun; High Mass all hung about with 17th century polyphony;

then back to the flat to help with the cooking and all day long

the cool kids trooping through the house;

food and food and more food: prime rib on the day

and ham on Boxing Day, followed by apparently bottomless wine and

prosecco vats, followed in their turn by a dizzying array of exotic after-dinner drinks;

home-made paper crowns, presents, toasted nuts, clementines...

It was perfect.

But a little tiring, and I'm glad to be home again in the cold clean air.

Got the fire going as my friend Maria ventured down the hill for Compline. It was raining hard when she got in soaked and cold. I handed her a hot water bottle and a cup of tea, and then broke out the lemon liqueur. We read a little Italian while the cat inched ever-closer to the fire, then when I went to get a second glass of hoochies, glanced out the window and ...


Tomorrow we're going to be walking down the hill for Mass and Office. But that's OK.

(All pics h/t to Fr. Athanasius)



G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Sounds wonderful! A Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year, Hilary!

gracem said...

Merry Christmas Hilary!

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