Thursday, December 18, 2014

“They say Aslan is on the move; perhaps he has already landed”

People are asking me, why now? Why this sudden descent into the absurdities of the 70s for the Church? Why are the ageing "progressives" suddenly so violently resurgent...

Well, maybe because:

"Outside the SSPX since July 7, 2007, in the 191 dioceses in North America, there are 485 parishes that offer the Traditional Latin Mass on a regular basis. 335 parish locations offer a weekly Traditional Latin Mass. 75 parish locations provide access daily.

"In France 159 traditional Mass centers now exist outside of Paris. There are another 10 inside Paris proper, with an additional 73 in the suburbs, for a grand total of 242 Traditional Masses in France. And, again, this does not include the SSPX—which has a massive presence in France.

"According to The Latin Mass Society’s recent release, there are in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland: 170 Traditional Latin Mass centers currently in operation."

Out of the billion-odd Catholics in the world, and the hundreds of thousands of parishes, these may not seem like very impressive numbers. But recall that ten years ago, the availability of the Traditional rites of the Church could be counted in Canada on one hand. They were in the single digits nearly everywhere.

These numbers are also, particularly in the case of Old Europe, the only Catholic numbers that are growing. And how! While all other Catholic statistical indicators are plummeting. All.

The old Modernists, hippies and communists know they don't have much more time. The "conservative" Novusordoist compromise has failed spectacularly, and the Faith and Praxis they tried so hard to stamp out turns out, like the Old Narnians under Miraz, not to be so dead and legendary as previously thought...

To switch books for a moment, the Witch's spell may not look like it's breaking, but Aslan is on the move. Things may become difficult and uncomfortable for us for a while, as the breaking point comes closer. Damage may be done in the last throes of her power, but the real spring is on its way and she knows she can do nothing to stop it.



thetimman said...

Well stated.

Oakes Spalding said...
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Anonymous said...

This is no thaw.

Anonymous said...

Um...okay. This is heartening and everything, and some others have used similar rhetoric, but for those of us in the throes of despair it's awfully vague. May we have any specifics, however speculative, on how this springtime might unfold? Second coming? Antipope? Supermmorum pontificum? Joking aside, are there real theories about what will happen?


Chloe said...

Aslan IS on the move. What you're seeing is the last lash of the devil's tail. Hilary is right and yes it will get worse before it gets better but it will get better. How many times does Our Lady have to promise these things?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


click the link I gave to the Remnant article. The answer is there.

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Dymphna said...

The Franciscans of the Immaculate are still suffeting. The FSSSP and ICK are useless because they can only operate at the pleasure of 5he local bishop. Those of us who go to Indult masses can lose them at any minute. The thaw is a long way off.

Anonymous said...

According to Catholic prophecy (private revelation) there will be a time where the world is in great turmoil (like now, for instance) which will result in an apocalyptic type conflict, resulting in the establishment of a Catholic Monarch and the overthrow of Christ's enemies. There will be a long reign of peace following (the "thousand" years in the Book of the Apocalypse) at the end of which the Antichrist will come and The Last Day etc.

The thaw is coming, though far from obvious everywhere, because Our Lady of Quito.

I hope to see this in my lifetime (assuming I live another 30-40 years).


Eoin Suibhne said...

I see this, too, though it easy to be pessimistic when living in areas that are Catholic wastelands.

We used to live in perhaps the flagship "'conservative' Novusordoist" diocese in the United States. Very acceptable NO Masses, with several TLM's available each Sunday. Given the worldwide state of Catholic decline, it was good livin'.

A few years ago, however, we moved to one of the aforementioned Catholic wastelands. Even so, in God's mercy, we do have relatively easy access to a weekly TLM; although from time to time there are long lapses in between.

My point? Even those of us in Catholic deserts: look abroad. There is TLM growth, even if not our locales.

Remember the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success!!!!