Monday, September 15, 2014

We are done!

OK that is IT!! I am solving this problem once and for all.

I hereby ban for all time and for all people everywhere the use of the apostrophe. There will be no more problem with "you're" "they're" or "it's". There will simply be no further use allowed of any verbal contractions.

To show possession, all persons confessing to use the English language shall from this moment forward revert to the archaic form of showing possession by writing it out complete: "mother, her book" or "the book of mother".

It might seem a bit weird at first, but we will soon get used to it, and it will be better than having to go through life either fighting the urge to shout at the computer screen or explaining the correct usage over and over.

And it will have the added advantage of making all writing sound like Jane Austen. Which can only be for the betterment of all.




anonymous not-a-robot said...

What will happen to all the extra apostrophe's?

BillyHW said...

Are you loosing it?

c matt said...

Wheh, for a second there I thought you were banning the comma.