Monday, September 08, 2014

A great pair of shades

So, for the umpteenth time, I forgot to take off my sunglasses when I went in swimming, and, sure enough, after tucking them down the front of my suit, they worked their way up and out, just as I hit the deep end of the pool. I tried to grab them, but just barely too late. It was about seven feet, so, I figured, no big deal. Ditched the snorkel and dove down. They were just out of reach, and I realised that it was actually more like ten feet, and I'd gone into the part of the water between the two breakwaters and it was cold and deep.

On the second try, I blew out all the air in my lungs to get down lower and juuuuust barely didn't quite get them. Back up and treading water, I realised, was going to create more movement in the water that might push them deeper, so before I had quite caught my breath, down I went for a third try. As I was blowing the air out again and swimming down as hard as I could, I thought, "Man, this would be a really stupid and embarrassing way to die." Just as that thought was fully formed, I managed to grab them.

Human stupidity apparently knows no bounds. But they really are quite a good pair of shades.


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