Friday, November 08, 2013

Holy Silence

Lawks-a-Mercy! Why is tea in this country so BAD!?! It's got to be the water. Or maybe that they take the hot water out of a machine that makes coffee all day.

My home internet connection has been futzy for two weeks, and died all together this week, and due to not the best health I'm reduced to working out of an internet cafe today instead of dragging my sorry sniffly self into the City. Which is fine in many ways. The WiFi works and I'm happy to give some business to the nice fellow who runs the place. And my noise cancellation headphones make it possible to drown out the screechy women on the TV with Johann Sebastian, and the coffee is just fine (being an understatement of course ...compared to anything in N. America) but the tea... Dear HEAVens!

But what a difference it makes to have no internet at home! This morning, I read most of a new novel by a friend and the peace and tranquility in the sitting room as I read was almost like music. The silence was broken only by the sound of pages turning, and the little chink of the tea cup. The sun shone down through the umbrella pines in the garden into my bay windows and became dappled in shade of my pink flowering hibiscus. The cat even had a fit of friendliness and came and actually sat on my lap; astonishing behaviour for Winnie-the-famously-cranky.

And I managed to read the whole book without experiencing the least urge to look anything up on the internet, with an unbroken concentration that I don't think I've experienced in years.

On Monday morning the Telecom Italia guy is coming back to fix and/or replace the modem and the net will go back to being the dominant feature of my home life. It means that I can work without having to fight with either Trenitalia or the noisy TV racket at the WiFi cafe, and will save all kinds of money on lunches and trainfares and whatnot.

But what is the price of silence and domestic peace?

Not sure.



Anonymous said...

Hi's John Ambs--Kevin Haney's friend from Baltimore.

I visit your blog from time to time, but haven't peeked in for some time. You have so many talents Hilary...and obviously the Divine Master is always hovering about in your thoughts, prayers, and deeds. I'm glad you're thinking of the Oblates of Norcia. But...well, you're using an Anglican Breviary--so...have you ever thought about the Ordinariate Sisters of the Blessed Virgin near Maryvale in Birmingham? No age limit. God will show you the right
choice (oblate, consecrated religious, etc.) and the right place. You have so much to offer, and your search/love for Him always come through in all you write. I will pray for you.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Hi John,

I'm stuck in Italy for the indefinite future and have a plan to go forward and see where it leads. Running off to the New World is rather off track.