Sunday, October 13, 2013

Join me and together, we'll RULE THE SKIES!!!

I realise I'll probably end my days in an EU re-education camp, but one can dream.

And my favourite dream is that I'm one of those RV people and live my life "on the road", only my RV is a 66-ton vertical takeoff and landing, ballastless, variable buoyancy, rigid-fame cargo airship, kitted out as a Bond-villain lair ... and there is no road.

And my pet (aside from Winnie, of course) is a flying robot penguin named Oobleck.

My mother was an engineer. I coulda been an engineer...


~ * ~

Oh, so this is where all that extra traffic is coming from. Rod Dreher, the apostate who now makes a living talking about how he'll never return to the Truth Faith because... ummm...

Yeah, buzz off, heathens.


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Anonymous said...

I found the flying robot penguin really creepy; not a good creepy like ancient Roman dolphin sculptures, but a feeling that makes me pine for an agrarian society where the most advanced technology is the printing press. I'm sure you understand me-- I'm not saying I don't enjoy easy access to hot running water without having to leave the house (those Roman baths must have been much too social an environment for my liking), but I am not happy with today's, never mind tomorrow's world.