Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Amazed at a fascinating new discovery I've made, through patient and painstaking experimentation, about nutrition and health.

1) If you don't eat very much of anything for a couple of days, you get tired. Really tired.

And absent-minded.


2) Caffeine suppresses the appetite, and makes you forget to eat.

Peer review journal, here I come!

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Not for the first time
, I'm starting to feel sorry for Fr. Lombardi. Imagine doing fire-duty for This Man?

During the question and answer session, significant attention was paid to the lengthy interview published in the Tuesday edition of the Italian daily La Repubblica. Fr. Lombardi SJ explained that the text, like that of the interview published recently in La Civiltà Cattolica and America magazine (among other Jesuit reviews of affairs around the world), represents a “conversational” or “colloquial” form of communication. “It is not,” he explained, “a magisterial document.”

Gee, no sh...

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Scruton! On beauty and painting, and the challenges for the artist in our [horrible] times.

He's sooooo dreamy!

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My next piece for the Remnant: "How Pope Francis will save the Church. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love schism."

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From FB comments with friends:

K: As a member of the laity I can come to only two conclusions (without using my personal interpretation to decipher what is implied), and that is either he knows what he means and can't articulate it, or doesn't know what he means. Either way, both are exceptionally bad.

G: ... Shepherds are supposed to feed the sheep, not turn them loose and say "Figure out where the food is your damn selves."

K: Which is exactly what it sounds like to me. With the added sting that my pasture is too pretty and lush, so I must graze in the modern dirt heap.

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Unfortunately, K, there is a logical third possibility. One that even the Trads are afraid to articulate: that he does know what he means and he's saying it.

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Hmmm... it does kind of sound like a lot of people are going to be here for The Canonisation(s) in April.

I wonder if the historical moment in the Church is ripe for another


What do y'all think?



Lynne said...

Rome in April sounds like Ground Zero to me. How often does lightening hit St Peter's Basillica?

Santiago said...

Scruton is a Kantian skeptic. You don't notice because your pessimism is similar to his.