Thursday, September 05, 2013

How to properly waste time with your Facebook friends

Dale Price: Semi-witty observation I stumbled across in a book.

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Witty original come-back, with subtle snooty undertone.

Hilary Jane Margaret White: (I love this game!)

Steve Morgan: Bad Pun loosely tied to observation

Heather Blaesing-Price: Unrelated comment displaying affection for original poster.

Patti Sheffield: Hit and run question: So?

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Carriere-esque non-sequitur demonstrating that I dwell alone in a realm of coolness and intellectual superiority.

Zach Frey: Me too! agreement.

Zach Frey: Local sports team allusion.

Dale Price: Failed attempt to derive greater meaning from status that was not as interesting as the poster hoped.

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Taking offense at something the original post could never have possibly meant.

Heather Blaesing-Price: Feeble attempt to defend original poster.

Jamie Fellrath: Overly-vicious name-calling and denigration of poster's person without real reason other than padding of commentor's ego, of a fiery variety.

Cary Strickler: Casual observer wondering, WTF?

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Mockery of new person's clewlessness... oh, and feigned puzzlement about sports lingo.

Jay Anderson: Insertion of 3rd Reich analogy. Game over.

Hilary Jane Margaret White: Jay wins.



lifecell wrinkle cream review said...

Facebook is a big waste of time. It was designed with friends in mind but now all I ever see are adverts and other peoples posts WHO i DONT know.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

"whom I don't know"

and if you don't know your FB friends, you should purge and start over, because you're doing it wrong.

Also, please see the commbox rules posted to the sidebar to your left. You will see there that anonymous posts or obviously made up names are strictly forbidden here. Please amend your commenting procedure before you post again or you will be automatically deleted.