Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hey gay people! you're being used

By an agenda not your own. One that, historically, hasn't had a lot of time for your rights... or anyone else's.

One of my conversations with the stem cell researchers I spoke to at a recent conference told me that the findings of the science of human embryology is "irrelevant" because it contraindicated what they were already determined to do. I noted it at the time as an example of the ability of humans to decide ahead of time what is and is not true depending on what they want.

"The state of California now bans therapies that seek to reorient homosexuals towards heterosexual behavior, on the grounds that doing so is psychologically damaging. The more likely objection is that the therapies challenge the conception that there are only two sexual orientations, 'homosexual' and 'heterosexual,' and that they are of absolutely unwavering constancy. This conception is false. In fact, the gay-rights movement itself used to stress the polymorphousness of human sexuality, back when the movement was focused more on liberation."

And it's not about rights, either the rights of gay people to get "married" (according to the new definition) or about the rights of religious people to "freedom of worship".

It's about the state increasing its power.

"The central problem with the gay marriage agenda is not that at some point in the future an unwilling man of the cloth might be strongarmed into giving his blessing to a gay union, but rather that it allows the state to do something that was traditionally considered beyond its purview

Some have sought to depict the drive for gay marriage as a continuation of the struggle for civil rights that exploded in the mid-twentieth century; it’s better understood as a continuation, and intensification, of the modern state’s desire to get a foot in the door of our private lives and to assume sovereignty over our relationships."

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Anonymous said...

Just like Obamacare is not really about health care.

"....What we are really dealing with here is an extremist/nihilist element embedded in the left (including the media) that is currently using the issue of gay rights as a wedge against the Christian Church. The goal is two-fold: First, smear the Church and those who preach the Bible as de facto bigots over a long-held doctrine that sees homosexual sex as a sin. Second, use civil rights and non-discrimination laws to either force the Church to violate its own conscience or close down."

Even gays admit that its not really about civil rights, but rather their desire to destroy marriage and the traditional family:

-Rico S.

The Playful Walrus said...

Some people think they are offering a compromise when they say "get the government out of marriage", but that's precisely the goal of the Left. It is like saying yes, King Solomon, let's go ahead and cut the baby in half.

If men and women are interchangeable, as marriage neutering advocates assert in their justification for treating brideless and groomless pairings as "marriage", then their assertion that gays and lesbians are a class of people (like ethnicity) fails, because if women and men are interchangeable, the claim to be heterosexual and homosexual is therefore arbitrary. If that fails, a signicant part of their argument for a Constitutional right to neutering marriage fails.