Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Becoming Italian

The weather this month has been, by Italian standards, mostly crap. We've only had a few warm days and I've only been swimming once. Normally, we'd have been in the water all month in May, but we've been averaging no higher than 15-18 degrees C and lots of stormy, cloudy, rainy days. The Italians are staying away from the beach in droves, and walking around bundled up in their ugly padded jackets and scarves like it's the start of a new ice age.

Of course, this Canuckistani is still wandering around in shirtsleeves and skirts, (hey! 18 degrees! woot!) but even so, I'm starting to think wistfully about all the beach days we've missed and wondering if my 50 spf is a little redundant. Last year I noted out loud that I seem to be acclimating to the Horrible Heat and didn't mind it nearly as much as before. Of course, last summer was milder than usual too.

And as an acclimated Canadian in Italy, last night I had the following conversation with my Brain:
"I'm cold. I'm going to put the heat on."

"Don't you dare. It's May! In fact, it's almost June. You can't put the heat on in Almost June in Italy."

"But I'm cold!"

"Put a woollie on."

"I don't want to put a woollie on. It's almost June!"

Of course, I see that other people are getting their summer early, with 30-35 degrees in the Toronto time zone. Bleah. I'd be begging for death. So I guess I won't complain too much when the gas bill comes.

Here's a Blondie song to put you in the summer mood


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Teresa B. said...

Mother's Day we had snow off and on ALL blessed day! And not just snow but squalls! I kept looking outside and moaning.
We had frost warnings for a few days last week and woke up to snow a week ago Friday.
Thursday will be a humid 31C.
My body is confused.
Our Homeschool camp is in 3 weeks and I will not even attempt to put my big toe in the water.