Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tree-Down Day

So, I had to delay a few days to take my tree down. When we brought it in, it was all tied up with string and wrapped in plastic, but of course, it all flopped out and became Big. So I couldn't get it out the door and had to go buy a saw.

It's funny what your brain can do to you. As I was sawing off the dried limbs, and the needles were raining down around me, I suddenly felt guilty. It was as if I had been a bad host. Like I had invited this beautiful thing into my house and had neglected it until it died.

It still smells wonderful. I wish I could have a tree in my living room all the time.


1 comment:

Teresa B. said...

I remember in days gone when there was some sort of pine spray.
Maybe they should make a pine scented candle.