Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OK yeah, here's the thing...

what happened today is bad. And big. Bad in a really big way. And more than I can suss out in a day.

So, no. Nothin'. Not now anyway.

And I really would like it if we could all refrain from making stupid comments about it on FB or here.

No bright and cheery speculations about who is going to be the next one. (And as I said on FB earlier today, the first person who starts making idiot comments about how great it will be when it's Burke or some other American pro-lifer favourite, is going to get the back of my hand. At this blog, we are devoted to The Real, not to our precious little fantasies.)

This is serious. Grown-up serious.

And bad.

It's not blog-fodder, in other words.

So, how's about we do something new. How's about we stop talking about it on the internet? How about we deal with it the way people used to deal with important things and not turn it into yet another five-minute soundbite.



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Dymphna said...

Sounds sensible to me.