Saturday, March 03, 2012

Gutenberg comes home

The Vatican is having one of its terrific historical exhibits this week on the history of the Bible, and by extension, the history of The Book. One of the cooler things is a reproduction of Gutenberg's original press, that you actually get to work and make a page from.

Above is my friend Gregory getting instructions on how to work it.

Here's Gregory working it.

Then you get to take your page home.




Gregory said...

Actually, all I had to do was push the bar. The guy in the printer's apron did all the prep work, which is a good thing. Good thing too, the ink is very messy. It also takes a day and a half to dry, and I looked like quite the fool carrying a piece of wet parchment across the city on the bus!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

You mean, all you *got* to do...

I'd love to mash the ink over everything...

Teresa B. said...

Hands on exhibit! Pretty cool!

Wouldn't matter how little I did - just to say I did - would be fine by me!