Saturday, March 03, 2012

Daily Nature

UBC has a Daily Botany page which is going on the sidebar for a daily read.

Today's plant is the Fritillaria pudica, a rare and delicate kind of spring-flowering bulb. I remember talking to Br. Ted about it who put one into a new garden patch at the Oratory. It really was a lovely, delicate little thing.

I think I will take a walk around town later today, if the promised sun comes out (they said it would be sunny all weekend!) and take some pictures of some of Santa Marinella's early flowering trees. I think the crab apple at Piazza Civitavecchia has been in flower for a few weeks now.

What's the latest in Nature News? National Geographic, (remember them?) has a Daily News page.

Latest? World's tiniest Chameleon discovered in Madagascar, home of a quite a few of the World's ____est things.



Fr. Paul McDonald said...

If THAT is perhaps the adult, how small are teh newly hatched, how small are the eggs. I didnt know that vertebrates could be that small. Wow !

Teresa B. said...

I watched Journey 2 with my daughter and all living things were opposite in size but to the extremes - this little creature reminds me of that!
Pretty incredible!