Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rome shopping

Apparently I need to get one of those foam bed wedge, leg elevation things for keeping my legs above my heart at night.

One of these things.

Any of the Rome people have an idea where I can get one?



Paulinus said...

In the UK you just go to a bed shop and they'll cut you one to size from the foam they have in stock and charge you a small amount. Failing that the occupational therapy (Terapia Occupazionale) or physiotherapy (fisioterapia) departments in the hospital may have some pointers.

You could just use pillows or raise the foot of the bed.

hjw said...

I have a pile of pillows and folded comforters, but it's a little awkward. I was thinking of putting a bunch of books under that end of the mattress.

Mara said...

Hello from a fellow (temporary) ex-pat in Rome! I just stumbled on a store that seems to sell upholstery, zippers, curtain rods, cushions, etc. and thought it might have something that would work for you. They might have foam that they could cut into the right shape. It's right on the Piazza Farnese next to St. Bridget's church.