Thursday, June 30, 2011

Death Cult

I think they call it the Law of Unintended Consequences.

But it is funny how these new post-Enlightenment philosophies, humanism, materialism, feminism, nearly always result in the precise opposite of what they ostensibly propose. The new Humanism seems to have produced a slavering, bloodthirsty anti-human death cult obsessed with enslaving everyone to their lowest animalistic passions; radical materialism inevitably seems to spawn weird religious cults, and feminism has resulted directly in the deaths of hundreds of millions of women.




Alan said...

What is the article you are pointing to? the link takes me to the vancouver sun viewer page but no details

Audrey Amberg said...

Dear Hilary,

In a word, YES!


df said...

This is also an extraordinary read.

Concerning the forced sterilizations in North Carolina: "The true victims of this tragic national disgrace are not only the survivors now telling their stories, but millions more never born".
No mention of the far larger modern tragedy of abortion from the pro-abort Guardian.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, what do we expect from people who are bad or dumb?

Anonymous said...

I expect them to be under the direct control of the more intelligent and more virtuous, Louise, and that's the difference between a social order and what we have. - Karen

Anonymous said...

Time for a good Catholic King then yes?