Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh science!

Thou art just so awesomely, amazingly cool!

Made. Out. Of. Legos. !

If logic (that is, science) didn't require the existence of a Prime Mover, I'd cheerfully worship you, Science.

If my fellow-worshippers weren't all jerks, that is.



Anonymous said...

Delightfully, the actual Antikythera machine did about half-a-dozen such calculations (planets, moon, sun) all at once, displaying the results in at least two calendars. Probably a lego-ification of all of it would be too stiff to turn. But what a great little movie.


JohnB said...

Had to smile at the description of the mechanism's "unprecedented" accuracy of prediction.

Yeah, can't imagine much more accuracy before >>100 BC!<<

...sorry, "BCE." >:-P


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Oh John,

words don't actually *mean* things...