Thursday, December 09, 2010

And here she is done...

Finished the drapery this morning.

The original, for comparison

The face was the most difficult bit, of course. As you can see, it took several tries.

But determination triumphed. The idea of collecting the sanguine dust in a jar and applying it to the finished piece with a brush to give the whole thing an even tone, seems to be working. Though I had to go over the lighter bits with the kneaded eraser to bring them back up to contrast.

And before you ask, yes, I did her boobs just a little bigger than Michelangelo. What is it with that guy? All his women look like high school PE instructors.



Simon Platt said...

I like seeing your efforts - rather good, I should say. Thanks.

In re boobs: Michelangelo was rubbish at boobs. I'm sure you're much better at 'em.

Clinton said...

Re: M. being rubbish at boobs--I believe that
back then it was rare for women to model for
artists. One usually had males model and just
extrapolated the naughty bits.

By the way, Miss White, that is a lovely drawing.

Anonymous said...

May God multiply and bless all your efforts, Hilary. Seeing your beautiful creation brings tears of joy to my eyes.