Thursday, February 23, 2006

Time to Waste; Books to Procrastinate

Some of the books I still intend to write before I die, barring premature senility, blindness or a miraculous and permanent resurgence of monsticism in the Church, include:

The Granola Gourmet:
Hippie Cuisine for Embittered 40-Something postmoderns

Remember the brown bread, eggs and rice of your carefree, shoe-free childhood? Pining for mom's homemade yogurt? The perfect gift book for the perpetually angry Gen-exer schlepping in a dead end office job far far from the tarpaper treehouse cabin of his Hornby Island homeland.

Bonus! ~ order now and get a free CD featuring the crashing of the waves on the beach at Tribune Bay accompanied by the soothing chants of the yoga retreatants at Deerhearts meditation sanctuary. ~ 40 years of exploring the energy of the heart ray. Pefect for those long Toronto February streetcar commutes. Order now!


Marc the polar bear said...

My dog, what a sad looking bunch of homo insipidians.

I have a pretty good idea what kind of spiritual energy they are channelling with their yoga. ;-) ;-) Mind you doesnt Stan Beel. Z. Bub prefer nubile young tottleys? wink wink say no more say no more.

Now why do I hanker fer treacle toffee when I plum come and visit this here list? Hmmmmmm

And now for something completely Catholic...........

Anonymous said...

So, these must be a bunch of looney Vatican II dissident nuns doing their idea of meditation and prayer. HA HA Ha HA!

canvas art prints said...

I wonder if they found their inner peace after doing this...