Friday, February 17, 2006

Sense of Humour from the Dark Side

So, am I losing it? Or do the quotes in this article strike anyone else as hysterically funny?

Y'see, Australia has just legalised RU-486 the human pesticide.

Here's the reaction from some of the ladies in the government:

"Pregnancy is not safe. A whole lot of things about women's reproductive health are very dangerous, in fact."

"The death rate from this particular drug is much less, for example, than (from) Viagra," she said.

Tearful Liberal senator Judith Troeth hailed the result as "a victory for common sense ... for the nation's daughters and granddaughters".

OK, err...what daughters and granddaughters? The ones you aborted or the ones who died taking the drug?


Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy on us!

The illogical arguments proclaimed in this debate have had me hopping mad and frustrated for a while now.

But that... is hilarious.

Marc the polar bear said...

I read somewhere else this week, and I cannot remember (creepy old youth or age settling in) that in 50 years The Land of the Kangaroo will be the land of the Kangaroo, except these roos will wear burkhas, turbans, and be bouncing up and down shouting/screaching from their minarets how wonderful their god is, and his pedophilic non-profit Moe is its messenger.

As for the statements made by these deluded Ozies, well, Orwell is alive and well Down Under, as most non-Muslim koala bruce's soon will not be.

Get yer front row seat on the porch, with yer Lunchburg Lemonade in hand, and faithful pooch by yer side, cuz although it wont be fun, watching the world go pffft will be a show to remember.

Anonymous said...

not a good result, and the legislators' rhetoric was pathetic

but one minor point - RU486 has not been legalised

formerly, the Minister for Health decided whether to allow the sale of the drug

under the new law, this decision will be made by bureaucratic/ medical "experts" (the Therapeutic Goods Authority)