Monday, November 07, 2005

Why it's important to read history

so you can figure out what is going to happen tomorrow.

This from a friend:

The analysts in the French media agree, last night was a turning point. When you have persistent rioting in France, the test is always Sunday night. If the rioting is less Sunday night than Saturday night, it's going to fade. If it's more, there's gonna be (yet) a(nother) revolution.

What the analysts don't realize is that the rioters aren't French.

However, Sunday trumped Saturday, so there's gonna be a revolution. You have it from Le Monde & Le Figaro & the talking heads on French TV. seems to me the Muzzies have been shadow boxing so far. It's all Molotov cocktails & shotguns & Allahou Akhbar Allahou Akhbar Allahou Akhbar Allahou Akhbar. That's the way the Intifada started in Israel in 2000. Weeks before there were any serious casualties. But they get there, give them time. They're still probably organizing the weapons delivery systems. Remember, they are not the most efficient people in tout le monde.

...This is their main, immediate political goal: to "validate the postulate" of multiculturalism, which holds that as Muslims, they owe no loyalty to the French state, & the French state owes them money & apologies for existing.

Once their SUZs are secure, the Intifada can begin in earnest, with suicide bombers, carbombs & the like, a la West Bank/Gaza/Sunni Triangle. But first they need to establish viable enclaves, such that any attempt by French police or army to enter these zones will be seen as equivalent to the Israelis sending the IAF into Palestinian territory, & so reported by the international media...

Even Chirac & Co. have some vague idea that when Illustrious France has conceded independence to the Islamic Emirates within, she has ceased to be Illustrious France.


Shakie G said...

I've been trying for hours to come up with an appropriate french response to the violence... ehhh, I give up.

Wait, that's it!

romy said...

"alors, comme le peuple choisi de dieu, saint et bien-aimé, revêtez-vous des entrailles de la compassion, de l'humilité, de la douceur, de la délicatesse et de la patience."

i don't know if it's a particularly "french" response but it's a pauline one (colossians 3:12). and much better than calling the rioters names, imho.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


which? "Muzzies" or "Froggies"?

I'm an equal opportunity racist.