Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Naming Names

The CBC continues its highly entertaining coverage of the escalation of the Eurabian Civil War. My journalist friend (a good old fashioned English racist) keeps us up with the actual facts on his daily "Frogs n' Wogs" updates, but what fun are facts? For your entertainment dollar there's nothing like the fellow travellers at the CBC to keep us amused.

This morning we had the announcement of the French plan to increase social spending giving anyone under 25 years old free job training, subsidized jobs and life-long tax-free status. (Reminds of a teenager with mom's credit card doesn't it? Can you say "revolving debt"?)

They interviewed one woman who said, (I paraphrase of course) "We've got to create a tolerant society in which we no longer call people names like 'violent hoodlum.'"

It was good to start off such a dark rainy day with such a hearty laugh.


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Der Tommissar said...

Let's give them credit, though.

God bless the French. If it wasn't with them, I'd never get along with the anglophiles. I guess you could say the French bring people together.