Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fellow enthusiasts

I've been trying to get back to Euclid all week, but what with one thing and another...


But at least my post about it has made an impression. Katherine of Pie and Palestrina complains about exactly the same thing I experienced in school.
In nearly every class and school I've attended, the teachers and students have approached learning as a necessary evil, and one that you "have" to get through in order to get a job. From then on, however, your reward is to never have to learn anything again. You can spend your leisure time watching hours and hours of television. The idea of knowledge for its own sake is ignored, and most teachers instruct their students to learn the barest of facts about disjointed chunks of our world without making any connections at all.

Lawdy, but how I hated school! And this is why.

Haaaate-ed It!!!

Why oh why didn't Mum homeschool me?! Why did she send me to those mind-numbing child-holding tanks for all those wasted hours when we could have been doing Euclid and combing the beach for invertebrates? It's not like she had a job or anything...