Thursday, September 26, 2019

More experiments

It's funny how the old methods turn out to be better than the new Bright Ideas.

Trying to be a bit more systematic, learning the rather tricky egg tempera glazing methods and colour mixing.

Italian ice cube trays are ridiculous for making ice. Teeny little cubes that melt before you can start drinking your drink. But for colour mixing in egg tempera...

This is the other icon painter/egg tempera channel I'm using.

All in French but it's not that hard to understand. (And maybe my French might get a little better...)

Here's my first stage. I'm going to wait until it's bone dry, then do the glazing. The idea is that egg tempera paint is translucent, so the first layer of colour shows through and you put a thin glaze over it to make a third colour. Yellow over a blue base makes green, etc.

The top row is all from the same colours: Yellow ochre, Alizerin crimson and Burnt umber with a dab of ivory black. It shows how much difference can be created just making very small changes in the mix.


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