Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hail Mary, full of grace

Our Lady and the Blessed and most holy Trinity,

A talk by a good old friend of mine, Fr. Eduardo Garcia of the Chicago archdiocese, one of my favourite people.



Linda said...

Listening to and watching this - his voice and priestliness are what one hopes to hear on their deathbed.
How gentle and lovely. And Catholic.

Alarico Adalbert said...
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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Hold a few things back. There's such a thing as too much sharing.

Michele Resuta said...

So good to hear a holy Priest speak the truth in such a beautiful, gentle, simple way. Thank you

Anonymous said...


Louise L

Paul Hellyer said...

It's good to hear a good priest teach us about Our Lady. We never hear her mentioned in any of the three parishes we have joined over the last several possibly ten years. One exception was when the priest made a disrespectful joke about our blessed Mother. I don't go to that church any more.