Thursday, September 27, 2018

A bowyer seems like a good thing to be

The tattoo on his arm says in Latin, "Do what you do."



Kerry said...

At the four minute mark, one can see he is left eye dominant. That flat piece of steel he files, hones and then rolls a tool along the edge is a cabinet scraper. That particular one is also called a card scraper. The file returns the edges to ninety degrees with the face. Honing (on the stone) polishes the edge and the faces. Then the edge is rolled over to a very small hook. Note that in use curled shavings come cleanly off the ash. Scrapers will cut wood fibers without any tearout. (Grain in wood is rather like cat fur; it likes being removed with the grain. When this isn't possible, one uses scrapers. Why not just sand...? They cut more cleanly and also leave a very fine surface.
That tool with the pencil in the middle and two wooden pins is a traditional center marking tool. I could continue on, drawknives, spokeshaves, rasps, but will not. I live in South Dakota and make wooden chairs from native elm. (Like what you have written, NovusOrdo'snot Catholicism )

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I took a joinery class in high school and immediately fell madly in love with the craft. I tried to do a joinery course at community college, but for various reasons couldn't finish. A friend of mine in school had a day who was a master joiner, and built amazingly beautiful things. They had a small Victorian house that he had completely redone on the inside that was extraordinary. He was an artist really, and had a wonderful imagination. The house was full of little hand carved details. Noel's dad was an admirer of Chartres Cathedral, so the house had all manner of little medieval carved faces and gargoyles. He built Noel a roll top desk that had secret compartments, one of which if you touched a bit of the panel would flip open and a little carved rosewood man would jump out. Of course, my friend picked up a good deal of his father's skills and in his last year of high school spent all his spare time building a beautiful handmade wooden canoe, which he sold for a great deal of money at the end and used to finance his trip to Southeast Asia.

I love any craft that must be studied and mastered. It's why I've started turning my attention to egg tempera.