Monday, August 14, 2017

A great and glorious cantaloupe

I got exactly one cantaloupe this year, but it's a good 'un. Next year I'll know to stick the plant at the very end of the row where it will get the most sun.

July 16th

This afternoon. And look how little green there is. That's the difference it makes to pick it ripe. 

So, to do appropriate honour to the only canteloupe I was able to grow this summer, the following:

Peel and scoop out the seeds and chop up a couple of segments into biggish bits. Dress with the following:

In a bowl, mix

generous blob of tahini
dab or so of green thai curry paste
juice of a whole lime
handful of crushed dried mint
couple of tablespoons of almond flour
half a cup of plain yogurt
splash of pineapple juice

chop some cucumber and sweet red pepper very fine and mix it all in. Pour over the canteloupe.



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Anonymous said...

So funny, -Rico S.