Saturday, March 04, 2017



Narni is a total bust. The town is totally everything you might think it ought to be. It's beautiful and friendly and wonderful. But its also full up.

The nice realtor lady called every real estate office between here and Foligno and no one had a damn thing. This is the most thickly populated area of Umbria - the flat lands between Terni and Perugia - and there are 3000 + Nursini running about looking for places to go. I think I have to get out of the quake zone.

I am therefore making a lateral move. I've decided it's time to finally make my pilgrimage to Citta di Castello to visit Bl. Margaret of Castello.

I've just booked a place to stay in Citta di Castello, the very out-of-the-way town in northern Umbria, where I will go today.

This is where the Poor Clares of the Immaculate maintain their siege with FrancisChurch, and have a Mass every day.

Why Citta di Castello?

It's rather off the beaten path in the mountains in the northern end of Umbria, and therefore mostly known only to Italians as a holiday place. Kind of like Norcia.

It's ancient and beautiful and surrounded by medieval stone walls in the Appenines. Kind of like Norcia.

The rents are ridiculously low... kind of like Norcia.

You have to take a train to Arrezzo, and you have to time it precisely so you don't miss the one bus a day that goes up there... kind of like Norcia.

And it's got a monastery of religious there who have the traditional Mass and Divine Office every day... kind of like Norcia.

It also happens to be the place where Blessed Margaret of Castello lived, was raised to heights of wonderworking glory in her short lifetime, and where she remains incorrupt. When I was confirmed, I dedicated the conversion of my family to her because she was abandoned by her family. I took her name when I was confirmed at 36, and when I had cancer I promised I would come to visit her if I survived. It's time to go fulfil the promise.

If I don't find a place, at least I will have visited the town I've been meaning to go to since 2001.



Michael Demers said...

Could well be your new home: Citta di Castello.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is it, Hilary. I will pray you find the place you are meant to be.

Tom Ryan said...

Shrine in Columbus to Margaret of Castello