Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vatican firefighters in Norcia

They're helping people with shops and homes inside the Red Zone (the whole town inside the walls) get their stuff out.

Take a spin around and see everyone. Cool tech, huh?

These are my two friends, Emanuele and Katia, who own and run the computer/internet shop in town. Emanuele does most of the computer/internet communications for everyone. So getting his business up and running is a key component of making the town function as a town again, and making it possible for me and everyone else to go home and start putting our lives back in order.

He has asked me to pass on his heartfelt thanks for all who have donated to get the business functioning again in temporary accommodations in the town's industrial zone (that is all recent construction and was mostly undamaged).

Anyone with a few spare shekels can donate here.


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