Saturday, August 27, 2016


I love the Italians so much!

They're the craziest, most obstinate, hidebound and parochial people on earth, and they can drive you mad with their lack of logic and determination to do things only one way, even if it doesn't work.

But they've got the best hearts in the world, will give you their own shirt and force you to have dinner with them while you're wearing it.

After many years, I've learned that the way they do things is actually almost always the better way. Once you've managed to divest yourself of your Anglo-saxon/germanic utilitarian mindset, you realise that the Italians were right all along, and when you tell them that, they'll laugh out loud and invite you for a drink.

Dear Lord, please don't ever make me live anywhere else, ever again.



PaoloP said...

Sei benvenuta!

Paolo (Varese)

Anonymous said...

Me too.

The first time I went to Italy, they infuriated me. But now I find them hilarious.


PaoloP said...



this could be offensive for us Italians... I have to sort it out in front of a dish of pasta.

Scherzi a parte, nice to meet you. Enjoy our beautiful country, now your country as well: Italy has a soul, where God dwells, when we let Him in. You can recognize that, from time to time; I'm sure you already did.

Ciao, Paolo

Eugene said...

Hilary everytime I read your blog I miss my native land more and more. It's been almost 50 years since emigrated to Canada and I still can't shake the feeling of nostalgia for my little part of Italy.