Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to tell if you're an evil dictator bent on world domination: a helpful guide

If you find yourself one day contemplating the question of whether God has given you the power to make absolutely perfect decisions every single time, there are a few logical possibilities to consider:

- you are a saint -
This can be fact-checked by examining your actions and decisions to date. For example, have you had anyone murdered recently through appallingly gruesome means, like, for example, poisoning them with uranium? Have you amassed a personal fortune while your people struggle to meet daily necessities?

Have you instructed your minions to engage in a massive international media/trolling campaign to whitewash your political decisions and generate support among Western conservatives?

Perhaps most importantly, have you prosecuted an unjust war of aggression into someone else's country, killing thousands and allowing the use of torture, extrajudicial executions, illegal arrests and showtrials?

Are you, in short, a vicious, murderous and mendacious dictator bent on unbalancing the global political situation in order to fulfill your bizarre cult of self-aggrandizement?

- you are a malignant narcissist -
This can be fact-checked by asking all of the same questions.

(Be honest).


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