Friday, February 20, 2015

The Secret Hobbit Undergound

Dr. B. the vet came over yesterday to look after Winnie, who was going down a bit. He gave her some stuff and said she's still pretty much stable, but the anaemia is pretty bad. It's still palliative care. She's perked up again and seems happier.

Dr. B. is a terrific vet, and told me that when he was younger, couldn't decide what he wanted to do. Then he watched the English series All Creatures Great and Small, and knew, that was it. And his work is pretty much exactly like that. He does all the pets and farm and hunting animals in town, and lives in a big rambly country house with his wife - who is also a vet - two sons and 34 animals (18 of which are fish).

I told him I'm jealous. I love animals and I love being outdoors. I wish he needed an assistant, but he seems to get on pretty well.

I think he's secretly a member of the Hobbit Underground. I must remember to give him the secret handshake next time.



Kim Andrew D'Souza said...

Thank you! This episode of All Creatures Great and Small made my day. God bless you and little Winnie.

John said...

FWIW, the actress who plays Mrs Hall was a member of the Latin Mass Society of England. She died a couple of seasons into the series and, if I recall correctly, was able to have a proper Requiem under the Agatha Christie indult, i.e., even before Ecclesia Dei.



Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

We're everywhere. You never know. The person sitting next to you on the bus, in a cafe, in a movie theatre, might be one of us.

Louise L said...

I loved that show so much!! And I read all the books when I was 13.