Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dreadful place. Really not worth it at all...

Yeah, but Malta really isn't anywhere near this boring and awful. Trust me.

I had a conversation with the nice ticket lady at the airport last time. She was Maltese-Australian, but had come back to the island to get married to a Maltese architect. They were only waiting to get married because he was building them a new home in Gozo. I congratulated her most warmly, and then started talking about how wonderful Malta is and she agreed, and added that people were catching on to it around the world. More and more every year.

"Oh dear. Well that's no good. We'll have to start telling people how awful it is. We'll have to say the food's terrible, and the weather is crummy and the people are mean and not friendly at all, and the swimming is really dreadful..."


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