Thursday, May 15, 2014

Soon, soon...

"...multiple sources are telling Rorate that a large number of FI friars -- possibly 100-150 -- are petitioning Rome to be released from their pontifical vows and to be placed under diocesan bishops.

As we have reported from the beginning, the order assigning a commissioner, which has led to the rapid destruction of a growing order that was increasingly attached to Traditional Catholicism, and has led numerous Faithful to lose access to the Traditional Latin Mass, was approved directly by Pope Francis.

We do not know what Pope Francis meant when he told the distressed parents "soon, soon." In Roman time, soon rarely means quickly. Let us pray that soon the Holy Father will end this drastic intervention that he approved and save a beautiful order currently in critical condition."

The Rorate Caeli article refers to that weird report about Francis meeting the parents of an FFI seminarian. Asked when the pope is going to stop torturing their son, Francis reportedly replied, "Soon, soon..." Which, I'm afraid, did very little to reassure anyone.

All times may be "soon" to Aslan, but what does that mean to Francis? Perhaps if I were there, I might have been tempted to interject, "Your Holiness, does 'soon' in this case mean before or after there are no more FFIs left?"


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M. Prodigal said...

The persecution of this faithful Order is allowing some of the friars to live heroic virtue. One day the FFI will be restored and the founders completely exonerated. These things happened to many saints and there are saints in this Order.

The disobedient can go their own way which they should have done from the first.

Perhaps the Pope will have mercy and allow the holy fathers to reform under a true father guardian and protector--not a modern capuchin.